Fuel Energy Services USA holds the distributorship for all states in the United States of America. We can provide the Cataflow system, heat tracing line with fittings and installation of the product on any of your equipment. This equipment can be used in the oil and gas industry, mining industry, commercial and residential industries. If you need heat, we can provide it!

  • Cataflow’s flameless, self powered hydronic heating system delivers unsurpassed heating efficiency with ultra low emissions and reliability that you won’t find in typical pneumatic pump driven units. Even in extreme cold temperatures, the revolutionary heating system prevents compolications and downtinme due to freezing thanks to the continuous circulation of warm glycol, which is pumped throught the heat trace using electricity generated by the unit itself.
  • The self-powered unit provides 24/7 reliability with little maintenance and no battery back up…just start it and forget it
  • With a Cataflow system, you are not just investing in production efficiency and peace of mind, you are also reducing your operatio’s impact on the environment and this comes with rewards. The system’s ability to operate with ultra-low emissions and very little waste means that you can take advantage of greenhouse credits and lower carbon tax, a potential savings of thousands of dollars for your company and a noticeable, ongoing return on your investment.
  • Cataflow units are quick and easy to install, Comlicated procedures and moving equipment are not required for the insallation of Cataflow units, making them ideal for remote and hard to get to locations. It takes only a few simple steps to get your unit into position and operating. Because of the barely detectable emissions, the units are also safe for non-vented indoor installations.
  • Experience the benefits of Cataflow. Good for your operation, good for the environments and great for our bottom line.

Contact us at Fuel Energy Services USA to quote your next application! Please visit CataFlow at this website for more information or fill out our information request form on this website.

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